Tips For Electrical Child Safety

30 November 2016
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If you've got young kids in the house, preventing electrical accidents is a safety priority. Here are some steps that you can take to make your home more child friendly.

Get an Electrical Check-up

The first thing to do is have a residential electrician, such as Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc, check on your electrical installation. They will be looking to catch issues with faulty plugs, switches, and other areas that children could have access to. Even a smaller shock could be very dangerous to a small child whose body can't handle the same amount of current. Your electrician can check to see that all outlets are grounded and that none of the attached wires are on their last legs.

Get RCD Protection

RCD stands for residual current device, and it's great to install one of these in your home to help ensure that no fatal amounts of current pass through your system and potentially lead to a shock.

Don't Leave Cords Plugged In

Another thing to be aware of is that some current passes through devices such as chargers, even when they are not in use. While it's convenient to keep these plugged into the wall all the time, if a child gets ahold of one end and puts it in their mouth, it can spell disaster. Keep cords up and away from children's reach, and keep them unplugged when not in use.

Keep Cords Away from Children

You may want to use masking tape or another adhesive to stick cords to the wall. This will keep kids from pulling on the cords and potentially damaging them, or even pulling an appliance down from a higher shelf.

Prevent Water and Electricity from Mixing

There are a few ways to keep kids away from a dangerous situation where an outlet or appliance gets wet. For one, make sure that they are thoroughly dried off after a shower or bath. Keeping liquids contained in spill-proof cups is another tactic.

Teach Children About Electrical Safety

As your children get older, teaching them about electrical safety is another important step for electrical safety in the home. When they are old enough to use electrical devices on their own, teach them about the risks of fire and electrical shock. There are a few resources online that teach children about these issues in an understandable way, through games and videos. Each of the steps above can be important to saving a life and preventing electrical fires.