Don't Take Chances With Electrical Fires: 4 Signs You Need New Wiring In Your Home

15 December 2016
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If you've been putting off having your residential electrical wiring replaced, you might be putting your home – and your family – at risk. Outdated or damaged wiring can lead to electrical fires. Luckily, your home will give you some warning signs as soon as the electrical wiring starts to wear out. Here are four signs you should watch for.

Signs of Rodent Damage

During the winter, rodents can enter your home to find a warm place to nest. Unfortunately, while they're setting up house in your home, they'll be chewing through your insulation – and your wiring – to create sufficient space for their nests. While you're going through your attic looking for holiday decorations, take a moment to inspect the wiring. Look for signs of damage – such as areas where the protective coating has been chewed off or portions of wiring that have been chewed through. If you see this type of damage, you should contact an electrical contractor as soon as possible.

Strange Noises from the Outlets

When you plug something in, you shouldn't hear strange noises coming from the outlets. If you're hearing popping, crackling, or hissing coming from your outlets, you should remove the plug, cover the outlet with a childproof cover, and contact your electrician immediately. This is a sign that there's something seriously wrong with the wiring to those outlets.

Circuit Breakers Trip Repeatedly

The wiring in your home should be sufficient to withstand normal use. If your circuit breakers trip repeatedly with normal use, you might have a wiring problem somewhere in your home. This is particularly true if your circuit breakers trip whenever you turn something on in a specific area of the house – such as your bedroom light or your television. If you're constantly resetting your circuit breakers, it's time to have an electrical contractor come out and inspect the wiring in your home.

Lights Dim Without Warning

If the lights in your home dim each time the television on or the television flickers whenever the microwave is in use, you have wiring damage somewhere in your home. To prevent an electrical fire, you should talk to an electrical contractor about rewiring your home.

Don't take chances with the electrical wiring in your home. Faulty electrical wiring can lead to electrical fires. Most electrical fires begin inside the walls, which means you might not realize you have a fire until your home is engulfed in flames. If you're experiencing any of the warning signs described above, be sure to schedule an appointment with an electrical contractor near you such as Royal Plus Electric.