Why A Look At Your Electrical System Is Important For Winter Heating And Safety

15 December 2016
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When winter is on the brink, many homeowners try to ensure that they have addressed their heating systems. This usually means getting their furnaces inspected and tuned up to ensure they do not have to go without heat. However, some people overlook or forget that their electrical systems can also experience issues in the winter, which is why it is sensible to get both areas of homes inspected for optimal performance. The following are a few issues you might encounter if you overlook the importance of electrical system maintenance as part of winter preparation plans.

Space Heater Issues

One of the most serious issues you might face if you intend to use a space heater is a fire. This is why you need to ensure that you know how to operate your space heater. If you decide to proceed with an electrical inspection, ensure that you allow the contractor to inspect the space heaters you intend to use. Perhaps you have already had an electrical and HVAC inspection and you consider yourself ready for the winter. You still need to visually assess any space heaters you plan to use to look for damaged cords on these portable appliances. Also, consider investing in a model with an automatic shutoff feature. On top of that, you need to refrain from plugging space heaters into extension cords and never leave a space heater on in a room that will be unoccupied for an extended length of time. 

Outlet Issues

Perhaps you are aware that you have some outlets that are not working in your home. Winter is an excellent time to get these broken outlets repaired. Getting the repairs will help to even out your electrical usage, which may peak during the winter, especially if you use electricity to heat your home and decorate with holiday lights. If you choose to continue relying on the working outlets, you may eventually have electrical overloading issues, which will likely prompt you to contact a professional. This is because overloading issues may cause inconveniences such as some of your lights not working. Overloading occurs when your home's electrical system attempts to use more power than your circuit panel box is equipped to handle. In some cases, electricians have to install additional outlets and make amendments to circuit boxes to ensure that property owners can have enough electricity coming into their home to power it without inconvenience. 

Breaker Box Tripping

If your breaker box trips frequently in the winter, it might be a sign that you use more electricity in the winter. Upgrading your circuit panel box or adding a new one could correct this issue. You should also pay attention to which rooms this phenomenon occurs in. It is possible that you have too many power-hungry devices and appliances in use in one area. If you rely on power strips in the impacted rooms, it is possible that you are attempting to use more energy than the room is designed to produce.