Four Things You May Have To Replace In An Older Home When You Are Flipping It

17 December 2016
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When you purchase an old house that you want to renovate and resell, there are a lot of things that may need to be updated in order to make the home easy to sell. There are many times when older homes can be sold in as-is condition. That means that you buy them in the condition that they are currently in, regardless of how out of code the home may be. Before you can resell it as a residential property, it must be up to code. The guide below walks you through a few of the many things you may have to replace or update before you can resell the home.

The Insulation in the Home

The home will need to be inspected for asbestos before any major work can be done. Asbestos was used in many ways for construction before anyone knew that is was harmful to your health. Insulation is a common area that may need to be removed and replaced in the home to ensure that future homeowners are as happy and healthy in the home as they can be. The asbestos insulation will need to be removed by professionals to ensure that it is done the right way.

The Plumbing May Need to be Replaced

The plumbing in many old homes has lead in it. Drinking water that has gone through lead pipes is not good for the body. If the home has lead pipes or even older pipes that are starting to corrode, they will need to be replaced. There are many great plumbing options on the market that can give the home the proper plumbing without costing you a fortune.

The Electrical Wiring in the Home

In many older homes, knob-and-tube wiring was used to provide electricity to the home. Knob-and-tube wiring can become frayed easily and create a very dangerous situation in homes. If knob-and-tube wiring is found in the home, it will all need to be replaced with new electrical wiring, such as by Double D Electric, before the home can be sold.

The Electric Meter May Need to be Replaced

The electric meter that is used to monitor the electricity that is used within the home may need to be replaced, as well. The meters on older homes are not as up to date as the newer options and may not be able to properly monitor the electricity that is used within the home. You can contact the electric company in your area and have them send out a technician to evaluate if the meter needs to be replaced or not. If it does, they can take care of it quickly and easily.

Once all of these things are brought up to code, you will be able to sell the home. You will get paperwork that states that they all passed inspections that you can provide potential homeowners so that they know the home is a great home to purchase.