What You Should Consider When Choosing A Light Fixture For A Room

2 February 2017
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If you are expanding your house, for example via renovation, you will need new light fixtures for the space created. Consider these four factors to help you choose the right fixtures:

The Purpose of the Light

The purpose or function of the light is one of the first things to consider when choosing light fixtures. Here are some of the common functions of light and the type of fixtures suitable for them:

  • Decoration – Light fixtures meant for decoration tend to be artistic; they come in different shapes and colors and don't give off too much light.
  • Task lighting – These fixtures are meant to illuminate a specific item or a specific section of a room, such as a reading desk or a dining table; they should be sharp and bright.
  • General lighting – These fixtures are meant for lighting up general areas, such as a whole room; they should be powerful enough to light up the targeted area.

The Number of the Light Fixtures

You also need to consider the number of light fixtures you are going to have for the same purpose or in the same area. For example, multiple light fixtures or a single light fixture can be the source of your ambient light in the living room. If you have opted for multiple fixtures, each fixture shouldn't be as bright or as powerful as they would need to be if they were the only light fixtures in the room. Many factors determine the power of a light fixture, but you wouldn't be too far off the mark if you relied on wattage.

The Efficiency of the Light Fixtures

Everybody should consider energy efficiency when choosing light fixtures. When energy efficiency is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is environmental preservation. It is true that efficient light fixtures are good for the environment due to their low energy demands. However, apart from showing your concern for the environment, efficient light fixtures will also benefit you by helping keep your energy bills low. Opt for light fixtures with the ENERGY STAR sign; they have been certified as efficient. 

The Size of the Room

Lastly, you also need to consider the size of the room; bigger rooms need more light than smaller ones. For example, even if you want the same level of brightness in your bathroom and study room, you wouldn't use the same fixture since the two rooms are probably different in size. Apart from that, very big rooms are probably better off with multiple fixtures of moderate intensity rather than one giant light fixture.

Therefore, the next time you are expanding or renovating your house, take a moment to determine the type of light fixtures you need before heading to the store. An electrician can help you with the precise figures, such as wattage, of the light fixtures to use. For more information, contact local professionals like Williams Electric Supply.