Electrical Issues To Watch Out For In Your New Home

31 December 2018
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You've just bought a new home and you're inspecting everything and learning how your new place functions. One of the things you should keep a close eye on is the electrical wiring in your new property. If the wiring hasn't been updated recently or the previous homeowner did a lot of DIY home wiring, you need to be wary of any potential fire and electrical hazards in your home.

Even if your house has been inspected by a home inspection specialist, there may be electrical issues that have been neglected or missed. Your best bet is to hire an electrician to give your new house a full electrical inspection. Here are things to look out for regarding your home's electricity that you need to call a specialist about right away.

Hot outlets

When you plug an appliance in, you shouldn't be able to smell plastic burning or an electrical smell. If you do, check the actual outlet and cover to see if they feel hot. Hot outlets are a serious concern and could mean that there is too much currency going to one outlet at a time. Call for professional assistance and don't use any hot or warm outlets in the meantime.

Tripped breakers

If a breaker trips whenever you try to use more than a few appliances at a time, such as a hair dryer and the stove, then you may have an issue with wire circuitry somewhere in your home. Or, your breaker box may have some components that need to be replaced. Rather than deal with constantly fixing your breaker issues, call an electrician for assistance.

Poor lighting

Does your new home seem dim in some areas and could use some more lighting? Do you want to add new lighting in the kitchen, dining room, or living area? A poor lighting design in your new home can make it hard to enjoy your living space to its fullest.

This is a task best left to the expertise of an electrician, who will make sure your home's electrical wiring is up to code while giving you more lights and outlets that make your house better functional for your needs at the same time. You'll get a quote for services as well as suggestions for electrical upgrading when you make your appointment.

When you buy a new home, expect some electrical issues and upgrades as part of your home purchase. Budget accordingly so you can afford the electrical work you need.

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