The Three Ways Commercial Electricians Help You Know A Building Is In Compliance

7 September 2019
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Moving into a new building for your business can be an exciting beginning to great things. It can also mean there is a lot of work to be done to prepare to move in. There are high standards for commercial businesses to have buildings that are safe for those who work there and for any customers that may come to the building. Before opening your doors, you will want to take steps to make sure all of the building's electrical systems are up to commercial standards. There are a few different ways a commercial electrician might help you with this process before you move in.

Examine the Building for Wiring Issues

The demands on electrical systems in a large, commercial building can cause systems to wear down quickly. If the wiring hasn't been done properly in the past, the potential for wiring issues and electrical damage is much more likely. Not only can a commercial electrician examine all electrical systems for damage, but they will also be able to determine if the current electrical pathways and wiring are sufficient to support your business's electrical needs. How many employees you have, computers, appliances, and other machines can impact whether or not certain parts of your building may need additional or completely new electrical work. Requesting a complete assessment of your building is smart before moving in. 

Determine if Your Electrical System is Up to City Code

While a building inspector can help you determine if there are certain issues, a commercial electrician can more thoroughly ensure your electrical system is up to city code. Because of the fact commercial electricians have to install electrical systems regularly to the current legal standards of the building codes in the city, they can quickly test wiring and look for areas in the building where a previous electrician may have cut corners. Even if your building passes an inspection by a building inspector, if something goes unnoticed that wasn't up to code and there's a fire or a problem, your business could be at risk for certain liabilities. Your business could also be subject to fines in the future if the building isn't up to the standards required for the electrical work. A commercial electrician can identify areas where you may be vulnerable for fines, and they will recommend where repairs are made now or in the near future to avoid violations.

Find Ways to Save Money with Energy Efficiency

While safety concerns and code violations are important to consider, another important thing not to overlook is cost savings. Running a commercial building can cost a lot of money in power expenses. An electrician can help you enhance the energy efficiency of your building. They can give you a bid to add various products and systems that will prevent power waste. From low watt light bulbs to light timers and other power savers, the savings could be in the thousands for your company if you put an initial investment in power-saving products and systems.

When you have the guidance of a good electrician making sure your building is safe, up to code, and energy-saving, you can feel confident about moving in. Your employees and customers will appreciate your efforts to keep your business safe and energy-efficient.